by jackson wise

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yes the lo quality is on purpose yes the excessive reverb is on purpose yes the off timing is on purpose


released September 27, 2016



all rights reserved


jackson wise Greenville, South Carolina

Prozac Dreams + Apricot Blush

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Track Name: the idea of God terrifies me
i will be a canvas of skin, and a radio that sings for weeks.
i am not your emotional crutch, i am an ocean-thin elegy.
you said you "feel at home sometimes, you made my bones white again".
but i understand the game, you only need me when you feel pain
or when its convenient for you.

how could you be so self absorbed in sheets? i am not you
quit burying your books in other peoples graves!
there will be no flowers to grow from these words!

you said you had a dream that you were dying -
to tell me something, i already know, i already know
you are absolutely fucked
Track Name: if i am a forest, you are a forest
good things come from a foxes nest
well we have ran out
we buried our books in the basement
it's my own damn fault

you can have these organs if you give me your intentions
just for a day, let me be clear of this body consuming

did you know that i was a forest?
did i plan to get myself lost?
Track Name: thanks for everything, what the fuck
alright i get it, i am selfish.
alright i understand:
i am replaceable and unsustainable,
I am not a model.

burning nooses in my front yard,
watching the pieces fall of your broken hearts
counting disasters with soft remarks
thanks for everything but fuck your art.

herr god, herr dockter: thanks so much
but what the fuck
Track Name: lullaby for teenage fucks
you can take chemicals in search for a god,
but all you will find is an empty wallet.
an illusion of knowledge i promise its not what
you are really looking for.
matter is everything but you could have read
a fucking science book to figure that out
i know you have one, or maybe you sold it in order
to learn more about the world
drop out of college only to learn that your friends
dont really care about you
so go ahead and make your brain bleed,
you know your parents only want the best for you
Track Name: song about a sex dream i had (venice)
you and i and venice
all fluid in motion as soft as the ocean,
shooting compliments until we die
i want you to get on the table and rise

your symphony lies to the light
as my eyes roll back to see
our bodies in the sun

your body to pree filled with mountains and rivers
i sank into thee with a force hard and filling
intensity life, our chakras were ringing with snow
i traced all the valleys with excitement and wonder
i kissed every burn mark and held up your tower
i sulkened until we were one

please take me, you can trust me if you want