Prozac Dreams

by Prozac Dreams

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"Prozac Dreams" is a low quality recorded project in which a collection of fools sing about an evil world without hopes of it getting better.

Jackson Wise - writer, guitar, vox, singing saw
Danielle M - concertina, melodica
Rivers Farmer - Drums and hype
Jonah Hunter - Bass


released July 11, 2016

Huge thanks to the members of the band for making this possible, thanks to my family, Jordaan mason, Clark Williams, Jake, Pearson, Erica, Caleb, and all of the other people who have pushed me and supported me.

also, dont fucking rape people, don't cheat on your partner, be fucking nice to each other



all rights reserved


jackson wise Greenville, South Carolina

Prozac Dreams + Apricot Blush

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Track Name: knuckles (demo)
the dried blood, sunken in the crevices of my broken hand;
the purest piece of art i can comprehend
its clinging to insects and stinging with regret
no, i need my hands for everything

god made rape and god made this
god made brick and the blood on my fist

do you remember me? the boy with roses for hands
well ive burned down your temple because of your sin
i am the insects and i am the regret
no, i need my hands for everything
Track Name: no no no no (demo)
i knew that i could love you eventually
i just needed some time to work on myself
but i'm stuck staring walls down

and i'm hoping youll come and fix me
but i know damn well thats not how it works
Track Name: god is gay, no one cares (demo)
no body knows, no body cares
if somebody's there, please let me know

this body has turned on me, my stomach is filled with lust
this pit i have opened is flooding my angel marks
if abstinence is harmony, then i want a noise band
the art thats a part of me, i stuff into my skin

no body knows, no body cares
God is gay, everyone stares
Track Name: defective
your birds flock in threes to everyone but me
and my cuffs are heavier than her
there's a black wave slaving in the heads of the whole museum
whispering: come watch me hurt

i watched you slice away your clothes like branches
as you tightened my arms like a noose
paper and skin are not worth the hypocrisy
your eyes will fade soon

of course i am, defective

I am defective
Track Name: i was 7 when i began to doubt
God I want these organs out of me, why do you make it so hard?
Shaking hands filled with pieces of life I keep inside my parts
There are lions and handcuffs that sink into your throat;
evidence of what you stole
Handprints and bitemarks that sting into oceans of black
living inside of me

I saw organs below the grave, I saw pieces of Saul
She held me where the sickness laid and sewed back the angel marks
Am I one of them, are you listening, whatever there are no answers
I was seven when I began to doubt, I don’t want any part of this
Track Name: serpentine pennants
Wake up in the morning and I feel it in my chest
I know that I have lost it all again
The body decayed the strength I made
The sirens around forced me into the ground
10 feet under we signed our blood and gave it all away
The clouds opened up and cried for you
Im tired of my friends dying im tired of losing control
I want to up and leave this body im tired of filling the holes
Under the blankets where i belong I tore myself in 2

We rode rollercoasters into the ground where we laid
And counted our blessings through mind reading games
We felt it all through serptintine pennants
With you my only friend

When your spirit left your body it shined and multiplied
And shot into every good thing in this life
Infesting the stars and embracing the sky
I know that you will live forever you won’t ever die
Track Name: sylvia / salvia (demo)
stuck in my head like a rapture of greed
i come in threes
like you know, i get old
leave me be, with my Prozac Dreams
because i have a fever of one hundred and three
Track Name: entrance to medicine (demo)
I felt nothing, I felt something pushing me into the depths
Of a hopeless romantic singing insects of absence
With unanswered questions, despite all the evidence
We need to know who killed that little boy

Swinging and motionless, no sensory reaction
Just enough to find one shiny door
Clear eye in the sea became an entrance to medicine
It sucked all the dark from me and up-swallowed me whole
I could breathe deep and slow
Your poles became twisted and gravity shifted
Into what I don’t know
Sweet melodies mixed with dark memories
Flushed my meaningless, bright fleshy skin
He opened the entrance with soothing vibrations
I followed the wolf back in, just like he wants me to
I found myself in cosmos, a separate dimension
That’s flowing so softly killing every part of me
So I ran, and I ran and I ran until my brain collapsed
Shocked by an impact that would change a whole nation
I opened the ending and screamed in the silence
Track Name: northlake tragedy
Your body that sunk to the lakebed
was the birth of so much more
your tired eyes were rumbling
and shook the earth to its core

when your lungs opened up, the demons went out
and the water went in
In your brain collection
The moments that you keep
Where is your protection?
How long will you weep?

open our eyes please